Bad Dream Marriage

Screams Small Organization

By far this is my number one complaint with this organization. When you are forced to go to a very silly and limited web form to contact them with problems, issues, or questions and that is the only way, you have told me you are a very small organization. To make matters even worse, you can submit only one question at a time and cannot submit another question until they get around to responding to you. This is so unbelievable and frustrating that I cannot overstate how this screams a two person operation.

In contrast, Hot Russian Brides has a live website hostess and every one of them are not only very nice, but they have a wealth of information to help you and if they do not have the answer, they will immediately notify someone who does. Additionally I have several email addresses of the support organization from the web hostesses to the website manager to the lady in charge of other logistical issues and they have always been very prompt with their responses.

In Their Own Words…

I pulled this information from their “About Us” page. First of all if they are “premier,” then everyone else is Stellar 5 Diamond award winners.  Next they state that their “client’s satisfaction and concerns are their primary focus…” Really? Not from my vantage point.   They have noted that they have “Recently introduced an industry innovation of  ‘Confirmed Profiles’…” This is a laugh, as Russian Love Match had this feature 7 years ago when I joined their site.  Additionally they claim the following:

  • Most Cost Effective Solution on the Internet – Lie, Their fees are double everyone else
  • They offer the most advanced technology – Lie, Their Technology is the most convoluted and confusing.
  • Live Chat their Price to value ratio is the best in the industry – Lie, Their fees are double everyone else in the industry
  • They don’t tolerate scams and they protect all their clients from it – Every major foreign dating site lives by this rule but it seems that some of the agencies rejected by Russian Love Match for “suspicious activity” has shown up on this site… Sort of makes you think about their “Scam Policy.”
  • Their Main Mission is to provide personalized service to specific client needs – This is the biggest joke based on the horrible customer service received, and the very, very limited means to contact someone to get issues resolved. When they finally respond, it is through their website. They ask you for your email address when submitting a problem but they never contact you via that email address. In contrast Russian Love Match is in continual contact with me the moment I have an issue… That is personalized service. is a premier personalized marriage agency where client’s satisfaction and concerns are our primary focus. We carefully select the ladies on our site by working with the most trusted local agencies throughout Former USSR. Recently we have introduced an industry innovation — “Confirmed Profile”. This feature allows you to write to the girl knowing her identity was verified by the agency. All the ladies are real and we do not tolerate any form of scams.

Our company has offices in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and other former USSR republics. We currently have 120 partners throughout Former USSR. In addition to our Russian ladies our membership includes Russian ladies in US at no extra charge.

We are the most cost effective solution on the internet. We offer the most advanced technology available in online dating today — Live Chat. Our price to value ratio is the best in the industry. We update our database daily and have a 100% Anti-scam policy where no scam activity is tolerated. Our clients are welcomed to submit any suspicious activity. We protect our clients from scam by diligently responding to their concerns and deleting profiles from our database immediately upon the first sign of suspicious activity.

Our main mission is to provide personalized service to specific clients needs. We take a very personal approach about bringing two people together all over the globe. Our clients are very pleased with the great customer service and advice we provide. Our clients trust us and we live up the promise of great customer care. Bringing value for the client is one of the most important priorities for us!

We are proud to serve you in your quest for your Russian lady!”

The Best for Last…

Just when you thought you’ve heard everything, you’re going to love this. With the basic membership I get 10 “Free” introductory emails a month. So I finally selected 10 women who had sent me an email that I was interested in and my first month membership was almost up so I wanted to send these ladies emails to respond to them. So I did… Or should I say I thought I did. I happened to check my outbox and clicked the link to read the message I sent to the lady and I got a blank page. I sent a one and a halve page letter to 10 women and they all received a blank page from me without a single word on it. So I went to their silly support page submitted the problem and they responded back saying that the “system times out and that I should be copying and pasting from Word while my session is active.” Hmmm! Well guess what, that is EXACTLY what I did and my session was still live as I was continually receiving chat requests.

They indicated that they reset the 10 Intro letters. So I went back into the site and went to send the letters again… Oops, I already sent my “Intro Letter…” Sorry you have to pay to send this lady additional letters. So I tried a lady who I had not sent an intro letter to. Did the same exercise, logged back in fresh, pasted the letter from Word and sent the letter. Then I went to my outbox and guess what? Yet another blank Letter.

Needless to say, I’m done with this site and will try and find the few ladies on one of the other sites I’m a member of.

Dear Dream Marriage… You are a phony, overpriced, broken down, non customer service joke. I feel sorry for the women you are representing and my prediction is you will not be in business very long, especially if I have anything to say about it!

Update Fall 2012

In doing further research on this site and briefly going there it is clear that they are a scam site. First of all the women who are on this site ALL have very professional photos taking advantage of their physical attributes. Secondly I found this one page comment from someone else who did research and I’ll just let you read what they read through their discoveries as well as several entries on Ripoff Report…

Dream Marriage Scam

Ripoff Report Dream Marriage 

11 thoughts on “Bad Dream Marriage”

    1. Hey Ivan, You’re welcome… I just call it as I see it. I guess my 7 years gives me a lot of insight. Dream might have more ladies than you folks, but their whole model and everything they do is just so flawed with so many problems.

      Thanks for stopping by… this is a work in progress and will be putting up something on you guys soon.

  1. Hey seanbond, great post! I completely agree with you. I’ve tried the dream marraige, anastasia, elenas models; they are garbage compared to HotRussianBrides and RussianLoveMatch. More advanced, the BEST customer service, the prettiest girls. I look forward to reading more about your experiences in this crazy Russian dating adventure we are on…

    1. Hey Mark, Well Anastasia isn’t bad, but their prices are a bit too high in this economy… I’ve been on HRB for a long time and was in Ukraine this past May… I’ve got tons of experience if you are looking for independent help.

  2. I enjoyed this post. Wondering if you are going to do any follow ups? How has your Russian dating experience been lately? What tips can you give to a guy just starting out? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mike… Thanks for swinging by and sorry for being slow to respond to you… Just been really under the gun with so many other projects, so I’ve failed at adding more content. I’d be happy to give you any advice you need to be successful. I will say that I will never ever waste my time with American women ever again.

      Having been involved with this for so many years I do have a lot of insight. If you are serious, meaning marriage, and you are just a nice average guy, you can have the woman of your dreams. I underscore the word NICE as I’ve even received letters from women complaining about some of the rude and cocky men on some of these sites so there are players who are stroking their egos more than anything, and those women see right through them.

  3. Информация бесспорно интересная. Уверен что любой читатель не сможет остаться равнодушным к тексту

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