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I started on a journey about 7 years ago to find my life partner and an incredible woman inside and out. After many disappointing tries on the traditional dating sites here in the USA, I all but gave up. What I was looking for and what I was finding was so at odds that I knew I would not find what I was looking for amongst the women in this country. I’m sure there are many great women in this country, but the problem is, they are already happily married.

One day I ran across information on dating and ultimately marrying foreign women. Since that point nearly 7 years ago I’ve never looked back. Have I had disappointments? Of course, why else would it have taken 7 years? But, during this time I’ve learned a lot and still make mistakes, but, that’s life!

My purpose for starting this blog was driven more specifically by a dating site that I was introduced to by one of the ladies I knew on another site, as it was more convenient for her to be there. After such a horrible experience and utter failure after being use to more professional sites. I felt it was time to start providing sound information to aid men in finding the woman of their dreams with hopefully far less pain that I had in the past 7 years.

More to come… Just takes time! 

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