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Unbiased Dating Advice on Russian and Ukrainian Women

Well for all women from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) See what countries make up the Former Soviet Union or FSU here.

It has always been known that men love visually and that men are attracted to women younger than they are and it is a woman who brings the “beauty” half of the relationship to the table. Yes, this sounds sexist, but it is the hard reality…

Gentlemen, If you have found this page, it means you are interested in the allure or mystique of Russian Woman or Ukrainian Women which is the FSU. The pages here may help you to understand the things you need to do and the hurdles you have in front of you to find the woman of your dreams. Make no mistake, it will take time; you will be criticized by men and women in this country for your actions; and you must be prepared to spend some money as it is not a cheap proposition. If you can get past all of that and you take your time, set your goals of what is important to you, you WILL win the heart of a very beautiful woman and will never look at an American woman again!

Ladies, USA Ladies specifically, If you have found this page, feel free to use the information here to understand what you are up against, as “The Russians are coming,” and the number of dating sites or agencies as they are known, are in the hundreds if not thousands and the money spent by men connecting to these very beautiful women is in the millions if not billions of dollars per year. Contrary to popular belief, these women are NOT looking for a “Ticket to America” or “Green Card.” If you believe they are, then you are a fool and you had better read the information contained in these pages as the men in this country (USA) are flocking to Russia and The Ukraine looking for their dream lady.


My Name aka name is Sean Bond and I’ve put together these pages as Dating Advice to help you learn from my experiences good and bad. Yes, I’ve had a few bad experiences and to my mind they were minor issues, but I will say that the positive experiences are far greater. I hope this information will be helpful to all and good luck in your efforts.

Credits First

Some of the information on this site is personal experience and some of it comes from information which is available on many of the websites from the Links section. There is one lady and her web site that I want to mention in particular, Elena Petrova and Elena’s Models. I did not use her site much due to the model of their introduction and communication, actually I did in the beginning then they changed the way the web site worked. In any event, Elena Petrova has put together many useful publications, some free and some you must purchase like “How to Marry a Girl Like Me,” which I recommend highly. Elena Petrova is a Russian woman who married a western man and she provides a lot of insight to the mind, feelings, cultural and upbringing of a Russian woman. Her writings are invaluable if you are seeking a woman from the FSU and I can assure you that her tips that she provides in her publications are very correct and work, no question.

What makes you an expert?

Well I’m not an expert, but I have nearly 7 years (End of 2009) of trying to get my arms around this phenomenon and to find the woman of my dreams. I even went to the depth of building a software application to help me manage all of the details of all the women I have been communicating with and you are free to download your own copy here. You may ask “why would you write a database application?” Trust me, at any one moment there were times I was exchanging communication with approximately 50 women at once and if you follow my advice and examples you will have the same issue.

Since I’ve been involved with this effort for nearly seven years I’ve learned many things along the way and I have gained the trust of many women in the FSU and from what I’ve been told several times by these ladies, I am the most popular man on many of these sites. Why? Because I know how to speak to them and what to write in a letter to them and I treat them like the true ladies they are. I get the same story from these ladies how they are not interested in many of the men on these sites as many of these men do not know how to speak to them and they are turned off by the rude cocky attitude and speech. So guys, if you truly want to win the heart of one of these young beautiful woman, you had better clean up your act and get a handle on what is important to these women.

Why haven’t you found anyone if you are an Expert?

Well I can assure you that I’ve found many ladies who had everything I was looking for but there were a variety of reasons why things fell apart and I discuss these issues on the “Required Reading” page. I am now very close to a couple of ladies and I know that one of them will end up being my “Life Partner” or Soulmate. I was in the Ukraine in May of 2009 and met two of the women I’ve known the longest and there are a couple of other ladies who have become important since that time.

I would love to provide pictures of some of these incredible women, but due to legal reasons and privacy policies, I do not feel it would be the correct thing to do, so for now you will need to find the pictures of these women on the agency websites.


These pages are work in progress but it is my hope to have all this information online soon for you to get more informed and make better decisions about looking for love in Russia, Ukraine or the FSU. Good luck to you on your journey to find love in the Former Soviet Union and I hope this Dating Advice is helpful! 

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