What is the Former Soviet Union (FSU)?

The Former Soviet Union (FSU) Like Russia, Ukraine and other countries mentioned below comprise the FSU. Throughout these pages you will see that I will always say “FSU,” and for two reasons… I do not want to type out “Former Soviet Union” constantly and it’s not really proper to just say “Russia” or “Russian Women” as you are dealing with a much larger entity than just Russia, but also keep in mind that the individual country called “Russia” spans 11 physical time zones on this planet! In comparison, the USA has 4 time zones.


The purpose of this page is to give you some sort of idea of where these ladies are like Russia, Ukraine and others so you can somewhat speak intelligently to them about their country as you will be amazed at the in-roads you will make if you know even simple things about their country. The other reason is to be aware of the time zone differences you are dealing with specific to speaking with these women like in a live chat situation. As an example it could be 10pm at night in Vladivostok Russia on the Eastern coast off the Sea of Japan and 9am in the morning in Saint Petersburg Russia to the far West across the Baltic Sea from Helsinki Finland! It would be my recommendation to do your geography homework, as you will be far better off.

Just what is the “FSU” anyway?

At the end of the Cold War and the fall of Communism of sorts the smaller countries or republics broke off from the Soviet Union and away from “Mother Russia” and it is much easier to refer to all these countries as part of the “FSU” in general terms as in the past it was the USSR or “Soviet Union.” The Ukraine is not the largest of these breakaway republics, but it is one of the most heavily populate independent countries and even though Russia itself is much larger geographically than The Ukraine, the number of women looking for husbands in The Ukraine and Russia is nearly the same. The Ukraine has also recently lifted the requirement for travel visas unlike Russia and they are trying currently to become part of the European Union like many of the other republics to the West of The Ukraine. The countries which comprise the FSU altogether represent a huge portion of land mass on this planet. Russia being the largest spans 11 physical time zones on this planet and that’s somewhat hard to comprehend when you consider the USA only has 4 time zones. Kazakhstan alone is almost the size of the entire contiguous USA excluding Alaska

So, the FSU is comprised of the following countries:

Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Yes, there are women from all of these countries seeking men with the largest concentration again being in Russia and The Ukraine. Just like most all countries on this planet each of these independent countries have what they call “regions” which would be similar to our “states” here in the USA. Also keep in mind that each of these countries do have unique language dialects from the Russian Language. They are similar but different.

Why Don’t FSU Women Marry FSU Men?

Very good question and with good questions come good answers. First the true physical ratio of women to men is 5 to 1 due to all the wars and unrest in the last few decades but when you factor in alcoholism and drugs which is rampant with the remaining FSU men the ratio is really about 25 to 1. One thing you will notice reading all of these profiles that many of the women do not drink alcohol or it’s very little in occasional gatherings and it’s rare if you find a woman from the FSU who smokes, they exist, but it is a rare occurrence. These women are very strict about their health and appearance and once you go to these sites you will clearly see it in their pictures. I’ve seen pictures of ladies in their 50′s who look to be in their mid thirties. Unlike some of the bizarre pictures I’ve seen of women on US match sites like, you will not see pictures of their pets and of landmarks where they have traveled on vacations, rather you will find professional photos of just them and on the rare occasion a picture of them with their child or children, but that is very rare. Believe me, they know how to flaunt the physical assets they have which they have many to flaunt, but, be forewarned, just because they are flaunting it doesn’t necessarily mean you are to exploit it and openly discuss it. Some women will but you need to be careful and not offend them as one thing I have found is if you offend them, it will be over in a heartbeat, so be cautious in your words. As an example, if they are wearing a bikini in their pictures, do not make the mistake of saying something like “Wow you are hot in a bikini…” or “You have a hot body…” If you do, the relationship will be over in the blink of an eye. Now I will say this is not always the case, but why risk loosing possibly the perfect woman over a stupid comment?

We will try and add more content as we get it about Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the Former Soviet Union when we get it. 

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