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Bad Dream Marriage

Customer Service Disaster!

As I mentioned in my About Page, this blog was really started based on a horrible customer service experience with a foreign dating site. Sure I’ve run across bad sites, but they were generally bad do the limitations and lack of features.

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My biggest complaint about this organization is their customer service, or should I say lack of customer service. Yes they have many incredible women on this site and I believe the reason is that many of the agencies in the Former Soviet Union have lost their agreements with the true premier sites due to violations in contract agreements. It seems this organization has latched onto many of these local agencies who were in violation with some of the other larger sites.

Windows, Windows, Everywhere…

One of my biggest complaints with Dream, outside of poor customer service,  is that when you click on anything I’m popping new browser windows or tabs based on the browser you’re using. This becomes extremely annoying and confusing as they are not completely consistent as there are times when you click on certain things that the page opens in the current window and in the process of closing some of these windows you end up closing the original window, hence logging you out of the system.

The other problem with this multiple window/tab issue is their “chat notification pane.”  If a woman sends a chat request her request pops up in this pane one after another and when you have multiple tabs or windows open this pane is showing in every one of those open tabs/windows. So when you click on the “No Thanks” on the ladies request thinking it is gone, just start closing some of those windows and you will see that they still persist. Now if you click on the angled arrow at the top of the pane it does open this chat request pane into another window. but I did hit a strange situation where the independent window existed as well as the pane attached to your current page.

So technically on this navigation issue they have a lot of holes which makes things confusing and very annoying.  I believe they have modeled their site after Russian Love Match which is the primary site that I do use. Russian Love Match has a sister site called Hot Russian Brides. It is this organization who has disqualified many of the agencies for violating rules.

One additional note is the whole inbox/favorites/admirers/matches. Your inbox you cannot tell very easily when you’ve actually read a message or not. When you mark someone as your favorite and they match you there is no way to tell by looking at your admirer window which ladies actually matched to you.  Finally when I’ve tagged someone as my Favorite, there is no indication whatsoever in their profile that I’ve already marked them as my favorite or that they have tagged me as their favorite. Feedback on issues like this is horrible.

One last note. To view the other photos in the ladies profile, you have to click on a silly thumbnail in a scrollable window to view it at normal size in a pop up window that you then have to close before viewing the next one. So you are wasting time just trying to see all the photos. This is the poorest implementation of additional photos I’ve seen in 7 years on these dating sites. Maybe they thought it would be cute, but the bottom line is, it sucks and is a time consuming pain in the ass.